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paket-wisata-malang-1The city of Malang, which is the largest city on the southern island of Java after Bandung, has a fairly cool and fresh air because it is located in the highlands. Therefore this area is perfect for those of you who want to take a break. Not to mention, Malang and surrounding areas are also have many tourist attractions that you can visit. That is why many tour service providers that offer tour packages in Malang, one of them is us.


Eko Malang Batu City Tour Package 3D2N is a tour package of Malang that we offer for you with solid and attractive package plus competitive price. The package length is 3 days and 2 nights which will give satisfaction for you. But for those of you who want to travel outside the package and in accordance with your wishes, we can also make it for you, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

Here’s the detail explanation of the package we offer.

Eko Malang Batu City Tour Package Pricing

For the price /pax including transport accommodation and entrance ticket to the tourist attractions, please contact us.

First Day

  • Coban Rondo, is a beautiful natural waterfall and located in the Pujon Batu area. It has a height of 84 meters and altitude of 1135 m above sea level. This place is very beautiful, cool and legendary.
  • Taman Kelinci, a tourist attraction in Malang that offers a tourist area with a tiny format like the movie “The Hobbit”. It has an interesting arrangement of grass and colorful flowers. Very good for taking a picture or selfie.
  • Paralayang/Paragliding, this tourist spot is not far from the district Pujon where Coban Rondo waterfall located. Although you do not want to fly, you can enjoy the scenery which is amazing and can make this place as a photo object with your friends.
  • Omah Kayu, in Bahasa Indonesia called Rumah Kayu, is a tourist spot which is also close to the location above, offers a house which is all made of wood and is located on a tree. At this point, you can enjoy the view of Batu Malang forest from the top of the tree! Interesting right? Inside there are bedroom and water heating facilities. The size of the house itself is only 3×3 meters, and only able to accommodate 3 people at the same time.
  • BNS (Batu Night Spectacular), is a recreational resort that offers a variety of spectacular rides that opened only from afternoon until evening.

Second Day

After all day adventure until the night on the first day in Malang tour package that we offer, on the second day we will invite tourists continue to another exciting adventure. Several choices of tourist attractions that we offer are:

  • Kampung warna warni, is a location that had viral and boom in the mass media, where this area was once as the slums Jodipan village but now a location that many tourists visited even from abroad. Being in the Brantas River Basin, the residents over there will do their activities normally but tourists can enjoy unique scenery and take photos of the village’s atmosphere.
  • Masjid Tiban/Tiban Mosque, is one of the grandest mosques in Indonesia that has its own legend. It is said that this mosque was built very mysteriously. When the construction underway, there is no heavy vehicles moving around in progress, and in 2008 residents excited because they just realized if this mosque has stood with magnificent structure. Its magnificent architecture is a blend of European, Indian, Arabic and Chinese styles, decorated with gold-calligraphic ornaments of different shapes, colors and patterns from one room to another.
  • Pantai Gua Cina/China’s Cave Beach, a tourist spot in the village of Sitiarjo, Sumbermanjing Wetan district, South Malang, is a beach that has exotic scenery and magical nuances. It is said that according to local people’s story, there is a cave on the beach used by a first Chinese to meditate. The hermit finally dies and the public finds his bones with mandarin writing on the ceiling of the cave. The place itself has crystal clear sea water and soft white sand. The atmosphere is very beautiful with the shade of trees and beautiful scenery of the 3 islands across the beach. Here you also find other natural phenomena where some of the ocean currents from the opposite direction meet each other so as to create thunderous sounds and bumpy seas.
  • Bantu Bengkung Beach, is a beach with coral rocks that when the time is right, you will see the sea water is retained by the rocks to form a natural sea water pool to soak. You can climb up to the top of the hill and will see the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean.
  • Sunset at Pantai Balekambang, is a great place to end your adventure for today. A beautiful beach, soft sand, and a religious location where in this place at a certain moment Muslims and Hindus perform rituals. The moment of sunset in this place is a very beautiful moment to end your tour in Malang on your second day.

Third Day

  • Pick Apel, is a famous tourism activity in Malang that has become the hallmark of this city. The tourists are treated to the coolness and beauty of the panorama of Batu city can also feel the sensation of apple picking directly from the tree. You should try it to be able to understand why Malang is called the best tourism place in Indonesia.
  • Coban Rais, this place is perfect for making your adventure memorable. A waterfall where tourists have to cross 14 rivers to be able to reach it. Interesting right? The journey to this location is quite far away, but rest assured, everything will be paid when you arrive at the destination.
  • Oleh-oleh, towards the end of Malang tour packages that we offer, of course it is not complete before buying typical souvenirs of Malang city. Your adventure ends with your escort to the airport or train station.

The above packages can still be changed as you wish. There are still many tourist attractions that not listed such as, Museum Angkut, East Java Park 1 and 2, Eco Green and Body Museum. For more details and if you want a separate package, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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